Samstag, 26. Mai 2018

Paranoid House, Vleeshal

curated by Roos Gortzak

Vleeshal in Middelburg, NL

screening / launch

On June 2nd, bologna is delighted to screen Schemata/σχήματα #01 (I wanted to give you devotion) (2015), by Philipp Gufler, Byron Kalomamas and Angela Stiegler. This screening serves as a launch of sorts for the artist book that was published on occasion of Philipp Gufler’s installation “I Wanna Give You Devotion”.

Copies will be available for purchase ` €16

8:30 for 9pm
Saturday June 2nd

Frans de Wollantstraat 78, 1018SC Amsterdam

image credit - Philipp Gufler: "I Wanna Give You Devotion", installation view Platform Munich, Courtesy the artist and forum homosexualität münchen e.V., Foto: Jan Erbelding

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018

In der Klappe, Berlin

Mai 2018, Stickerposter, 21 x 26,7 cm

Montag, 16. April 2018

Ausstellung als Film / Film als Ausstellung

04.05.18, 19:00 Uhr
Philipp Gufler

Lesung „Jäcki ist für Jackis“

Am dritten Tag (4. Mai) hängt Philipp Gufler seine bedruckten Stoffschichtungen im Raum. Darin performt er „Jäcki ist für Jackis“; eine Lesung aus seinem Künstlerbuch "Indirekte Berührung".

On the third day, Philipp Gufler installs his printed fabric layers and performs “Jäcki ist für Jäckis”—a reading from his artist book “Indirect Contact”.

Imaginary Display(s) - Ausstellung als Film / Film als Ausstellung (02.05.18-09.05.18).
Ungererstraße 158 / 80805 München

Kuratiert von Marie-France Rafael. Mit Klaus vom Bruch, Philipp Gufler, An Laphan, Jeanne-Marie Varain, Kalas Liebfried, Romain Gandolphe, Richard John Jones und Camilla Wills. Die Veranstaltung ist Teil des Programms „Stop making sense, it’s as good as it gets.“ (bis Juli 2018) kuratiert von Ludwig Engel und Joanna Kamm.

Mittwoch, 28. März 2018

The Hammock at Juliette Jongma

Front Space #1:
The Hammock
31 March - 5 May

The Hammock presents a series focusing on the artist book as an artwork in its own right. The leisure time furniture will function as a platform from which on a weekly base artists wil read from their publication. Coinciding with the reading a work by each artist will be installed. In order of appearance a group exhibition will arise. Invited are, amongst others, Philipp
Gufler, Pablo Pijnappel and Rumiko Hagiwara.

The first artist is Philipp Gufler (1989, DE) - former resident of De Ateliers working with performance, fabric prints, text, video and silkscreens. His work often pays tribute to historic figures who were fundamentally critical towards the norms and values of their time. In his book, titled Indirect Contact, these figures meet with contemporaries of Gufler. Different characters are formed and expressed in a fragmented way, mixing quotes and possible thoughts, as condensed attitudes. Moreover Gufler merges himself with them, resulting in appropriating utterances.

Indirect Contact is published by BQ Gallery and will be on sale, as well as available for personal reading in our hammock.

Saturday 31 March, 18:00, Philipp Gufler
Friday 6 April, 17:00, Pablo Pijnappel
Friday 20 April, 17:00, Rumiko Hagiwara
+ more to be announced!

Juliette Jongma
open Wednesday - Saturday,
Gerard Doustraat 128a
1073 VX Amsterdam
t/f + 31 20 46 36 904

"Indirect Contact", 2017, Foto Galerie Juliette Jongma

"Quilt #18 (Kirsten Nilsson)", 2018, Foto Galerie Juliette Jongma